A fondant covered cake has so many possibilities. It can be a single tier with simple decorations, a multitier structure with elaborate details or a novelty cake with an unusual shape. To ensure a smooth finish on your fondant cake we first apply a layer of buttercream or chocolate ganache.

Fondant can be decorated with edible paint, flowers, gold and silver leaf, piping fondant / gum paste decorations and figurines, marbling, meringues, ruffles, cake toppers, silhouettes, sprinkles and candy. Flavour fillings can be added between the layers of cake to suit your taste. For example, flavoured buttercream, lemon curd and crushed oreos.

Fondant Cakes

Buttercream cakes are pretty and delicious. They can have a smooth or textured finish depending on your style. Buttercream can be flavoured with vanilla, caramel, chocolate, mocha, Nutella, citrus zest, peanut butter, bailey’s, kahlua, custard, nuts, coconut, oreos and flavour essence.

Popular buttercream cakes include ombre, ruffle, watercolour, textured, cake toppers, candy and drip cakes.

Buttercream Cakes

A great addition to any occasion. Standard or mini cupcakes can be made to match a cake or stand out on their own. 

A delicious variety of flavours to choose from that work beautifully with cream cheese icing or buttercream.

Cupcakes can be decorated with sauces, curds, fondant toppers or sprinkles.


Sugar cookies have so many possibilities. They can be iced with royal icing or fondant. Sugar cookies can be made into any shape and personalised to suit your needs.

Sugar Cookies

This is a stunning cake trend and perfect for any occasion. These rustic cakes can be completely naked with just layers of cake and buttercream or semi-naked by adding a bit of buttercream around the sides.

To ensure your naked cakes do not dry out we give each layer of cake a coat of sugar syrup. This is a mix of sugar and water but can be flavoured with vanilla, champagne, spirits, coffee, fruit, herbs and spices to compliment your cake flavours.

You can choose from either American buttercream, Italian meringue buttercream of cream cheese icing. The buttercream between the cake layers can be flavoured with vanilla, caramel, chocolate, coffee, mocha, Nutella, citrus zest, peanut butter, bailey’s, kahlua, custard, nuts, coconut, oreos and flavour essence.

These cakes look beautiful as they are or can be decorated with Chocolate/caramel drips, fresh fruit and berries, flowers, sprigs of herbs or just a simple cake topper.

Seminaked Cakes

At CakeInc., we treat every cake as a one of a kind.

We encourage you to think about that cake you want, and to help the process, consider some of the following points:

  • Is there a theme for your event?

  • If not, Are the images or photos that you wish to focus on?

  • Is there a specific person being honoured?

  • Approximately how many people will you be serving?

  • Are there any "Must Have" elements on the cake or cupcakes?

  • Are there any specific colours that you need on the cake?

  • Do you have a budget in mind?

  • Do you know the date you need the cake or cupcakes?

  • Do you require delivery of the cake or cupcakes?

Custom Cakes

Made from chocolate, these pinatas can me made into many shapes.

They are filled with chocolates or lollies ready to be smashed open and eaten.

A perfect choice for a lolly lover or someone who doesn't love cake. Pinatas are always popular with kids.

Chocolate Pinatas

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